monteponiIglesias mining district can be considered one of the most important in Europe. It offers the visitor a wide heritage of mining archeology unique in its kind with the now abandoned buildings that charactirize the entire territory. Monteponi mine was, without any doubts, the pulsating heart of the industrial activity since 1324. It productive story is not yet over even though the most part of the buildings are now abandoned. Among the most important of those buildings, Villa Bellavista, symbol of the economic power; it used to house the director and the most important offices. The inside has been many times reworked and the last one with the aim of hausing exhibitions and events. At Monteponi the first machines for the extraction of the mineral as well as for its processing were planned and built. One of the most important among them is the plant for the electrolysis of the zinc mineral. Interesting to visit, the Pozzo Sella, the pit entitled to Vittorio Emanuele, the compressors room and the guest flat with its impressive fresco by Aligi Sassu on the history of the mining activity in the “Iglesiente” area.