maimoni2Popular symbol of the old Iglesias, a past still alive in our memory, the Maimone represents a Triton, symbol of water prosperity and it is referable to a pagan godness, perhaps imported by the Phoenicians. It represented the spiritual athmosphere of Iglesias in which life gravitated aroud the small piazza Lamarmora. Just as the gods of the old sagas, the Maimone didn’t have a written tradition but it belonged to the legends passed down over the centuries. The Iglesiente version is few centuries old. But, to better understand the story, let’s explain what the Maimone was. Maimone was the name of the public funtain in Piazza Lamarmora, the existence of which dates back to the first founding of Villa di Chiesa. What we now call Piazza Lamarmora has always been the center of town and its existence was already documented in the Breve di Villa di Chiesa. It was first called Piassa di Villa, Piassa Vechia and simply La piassa.